Many factors determine which data room is best for a particular company. This includes storage size and the number of users and the length of a project or deal. The cost of the VDR should also be taken into consideration. Many VDR providers offer a range of packages catering to different types of businesses and projects. Some are more expensive than others, however this doesn’t mean they are of lower quality.

Certain vendors have an pricing structure that is based on the amount of GB a project is using. This model is ideal for small teams and can save money on storage for data. Some companies have a monthly fee that allows unlimited users and unlimited pages of documents. One example is FirmRoom which costs $400 per month, which is billed annually and includes 10 GB data storage capacity.

Other vendors charge per page which can be extremely expensive. This is an old-fashioned pricing model for VDRs, however, it is a good option for smaller projects if the company is aware that there will be a certain number of documents to be saved. This model could range from $0.40 to $0.90 per page and may require a user’s license in order to use.

The cost of making a room that is look here virtual could be a significant factor for startups, particularly those with limited resources. However, there are plenty of options for startups who want to minimize the cost of a virtual data room and still provide a simple and secure environment for business transactions.